We have a winner!!!

$400 has been donated in Theo's name to the Australian Red Cross!

This weeks winner is Winston!

you know that moment right before......


This weeks winner is Winnie!

...........reindeer bedtime!


Fun Fact:  Did you know reindeer could change their antlers appearance just by thinking about it!!!   

Here Winnie is dreaming about pulling Santa's Sleigh!

This weeks winner

Theo is Hershel!!!

So happy to see Theo playing the role of Hershel the Jewish Reindeer.   Prize winner today and hoping to win a grand prize for the charity of their choice!

We have our first winner!!


Samson is Santa

Have you ever seen a more handsome Santa Clause?  Samson will be featured in our music video....   AND is eligible for one of the $300 donation PRIZES to the charity of his choice.....  What are you waiting for?  We would love to meet your pet in costume!

We are looking for talent to help pull Santa's Sleigh!

Send Us your costumed animal photos!


We are looking for Jewish Reindeer, Hindu elves, Muslim Gnomes, Agnostic Aviators, and Tooth Fairies to help re-tell the story of Hershel

If your photo is used you will get a free book or set of playing cards!


We are looking for 8 "reindeer" to help pull Santa's sleigh and you may know one.  Please use appropriate attire!

$300 donated to the charity of your choice for 2 winners that embody the message of Hershel


We have donated over $7500 so far.  Help us and help your own charity

Dress up your pet!


Halloween is here... Lets have some fun that everyone can enjoy.

Share the holiday story for everyone!


Get a copy of Hershel the Jewish Reindeer if we use your photo on our website!

Submit your photos by email to !


Get a copy of our new Card game for everyone!  Teach children to work with one another to understand differences with compassion.

Submit your contest photos to

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your submissions!