From such humble beginnings......Harold was a huge success!!

We have raised over  $2,800 for charities this year!

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Thanks your support Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree will be in the hands and hearts of many many children this Holiday Season!!!

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Welcome Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree!

Do you sometimes feel like you don't fit in on the holidays?  Do you have opinions that differ from others?  Well in "Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree" you will find a heartwarming story of a tree finding his path with the help of a diverse group of friends.  A  holiday children's book for EVERYBODY!!  AND if you look carefully you might see Hershel and other of his friends. 

A Card Game For Everyone Promoting compassion and teamwork

We can be competitive and still help one another!


a card game that teaches compassion and working together with those who are different!

A Hindu elf, a Muslim gnome working together to deliver presents to children on Christmas.

Malcom and Hershel

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A game where diversity makes us stronger!


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Hershel the Jewish Reindeer the Musical!


Yes!  we are turning this lovable children's story into a musical.  There is so much more to the story that couldn't fit in the 18 pages of the book.  Please see our videos of the making of the musical on You -Tube.  If you would like to have a production of this musical in your school, church, or theater please contact us to find out more!  If you have musical talent and would like to help in the development of this story please let us know!! 

coming soon......

Harold the Reluctant Christmas tree is almost here!!!

 What if you were a a Christmas tree but were not sure you would want to be cut down for Christmas?  Get inside Harold’s bark as he journeys to maturity.  Along the way he matures and finds his true purpose in life.  He becomes happy when he learns to listen and accept other points of view.  He finds that true joy comes in helping others!  GET THE FIRST PEEK AT HAROLD here and get ready to meet a whole new group of friends who work together to support one another! 

Find many more videos about Hershel on Youtube!

How hard can it be to find a Hindu elf for the musical?

Hershel video

Why only reindeer, gnomes, elves, and fairies?   Other animal friends want to help as well!!!