About the Author


Jeff Geller MD

 Jeff Geller, MD is part of a family that includes both the Jewish and Christian religious backgrounds. Storytelling became a favorite way to answer his children's endless questions: Why does Dad always work on Christmas? Why do we have to go to school on Chanukah but not Christmas? and Can we get presents for BOTH Christmas and Chanukah? 'Hershel' and other stories have helped his family embrace the most meaningful parts of the many traditions in his community. 

A teaching tool for all children!

Why write holiday stories for EVERYBODY?

 Hershel the Jewish reindeer  is Jeff Geller's  first children's book.  Harold the reluctant Christmas tree is coming soon....    What began as impromptu bedtime stories to help his children understand the complexities of many cultures has resulted in this story which features many of the worlds religions.  The message is simple: people with different race, ethnicity, and gender are kind and can work together to help one another!  

Can you find these religious symbols in the book?

Lets face it the world is a very big place and there are many different people with varying beliefs populating it!  Lets teach our children about this diversity in a kind and friendly way which features compassion.  And as a special treat your child can look for the different symbols that are featured throughout the book.  Each symbol represents a different religion and are listed in this teaching key at inside cover of the book!  Learn and have fun at the same time!

We are all interdependent

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