Hershel the Jewish Reindeer has a new friend... meet Harold -

Interfaith holiday stories for everyone!


Hindu Elves, Muslim Gnomes, Taoist, Atheist, Baha'i Reindeer and the Tooth Fairy!


Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree!!!

Have you ever not quite fit in on the Holidays?  Come join Harold and his diverse group of friends as he finds his own way to be part of the Holiday season.....  A Jewish reindeer, Buddhist beaver, African chipmunk, Unitarian Owl, Taoist squirrel, First peoples woodpecker, Atheist Oriels, and many more!!!!!!    Coming soon to a Christmas Tree farm near you!  


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 Join Hershel the Jewish reindeer as he and his friends of every religion, including a Hindu elf, Muslim gnome, Buddhist reindeer, atheist navigator, agnostic weather forecaster, and even the tooth fairy, work together to help out their Christian friends on their special night. Why are all the Christian reindeer working on Christmas Eve when they should be home with their own families? Hershel the Jewish reindeer knows that they would help him the same way if he ever needed it! 

 Jeff Geller, MD is a family physician with over 20 years of experience. His passion, in addition to his family, is in reducing loneliness for his patients and community and bringing the best integrative medicine to those who cannot afford. As a result of this work he is known nationally as an innovator in the field of group medical visits and integrative medicine in community health centers.
Hershel the Jewish reindeer is Jeff's first children's book. What began as an impromptu bedtime story to help his children understand the complexities of many cultures has resulted in this children's book. He has created many other stories that are yet to come to life..... 

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